Home Education

Why Home School or Home Education?

**Disclaimer:  This is why we chose homeschooling and is not in any way to say that those who choose to send their children to public or private school are wrong. As parents we all try to do what is best for our families in each individual circumstance. I myself was sent to public school starting in head start because both of my parents needed to work to support the family. Our family is blessed to have this option. **

  1. Calling by God to disciple our children. We believe in giving them a strong foundation of beliefs and values before sending them to others who may not share those views. This is not to say we shelter them from alternative views. We view our home as a safe place to ask questions and to respectfully disagree. However, our children are all under 8 and there will be a time and place for those discussions based on their maturity level. I love debates and hope to teach my children the art of debate and constructive arguments.
  2. Outside the box thinking and individual approach. We tend to do the year round schooling and only take a month off  to travel but learning still takes place. Teaching our children that learning doesn’t just take happen in a building or at the kitchen table but is a lifetime quest.
  3.  Flexibility. The military is about movement and we move every three to four years and it can vary between stateside or overseas. My husbands schedule can be chaotic: days, nights, swing shift, assignments away from home or long deployments. We wanted to be able to do things as a family when he has time off and not just weekends. Unfortunately, most schools are not very friendly to absence for travel or family time and in some districts parents can get fined or arrested for unauthorized absences or exceeding allowed excused absences.
  4. Consistency. Pace. Focus. Regardless, of where we live we can keep the same curriculum. We can speed up for my fast learner and slow down over subjects that one of them maybe struggling on. We can spend a week, month, or year on one topic, unit study, or subject till we master it or move on and come back later.
  5. Diversity. Our life doesn’t stay shut up when we home school. The kids accompany me on errands, we have library days,  co-ops, park days. They interact not only with kids their own age but with a wide range of people that they may not get to meet in a classroom setting. Besides, learning happens in all areas and aspects of life and they are experiencing Socialization at it’s best.
  6. I enjoy my children and watching them grow. Right now we are blessed with the opportunity to have the freedom to home school. God willing we will be able to continue but we take it one year at a time. Sometimes one day at a time, too!


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