Out of the Box

I tend to live in my box of fluffy comfort. Change is no good for me. This is a surprise since my life tends to change by force every three to four-year in the military. However, this past month I have been forced to learn how to drive manual. Why forced? First, we are on the Dave Ramsey Plan (blog to come later) and needed a vehicle under a $1,000. Second, we live in Europe where it is far easier to find a manual then an automatic vehicle. Third,  being a family of six a car will not fit us and so an automatic van or six plus passenger vehicle in automatic is almost non-existent in Europe. Thus, the manual van. I either needed to learn how to drive the the van or become a hermit.Tempting as it maybe to my introverted self to want to be a hermit; it is not just myself. The journey of driving a manual began.

I have heard that putting together IKEA furniture with your spouse is great couples therapy. Well, if you ask my husband he would say “teaching your spouse to drive a manual is the best couples therapy”. My husband has nerves of steel and ocean of patience. He put up with my crying, screaming, cursing, and downright toddler tantrums. I fought tooth and nail that I would not , could not, ever learn how to drive a stick shift. Part of me had to overcome this need to be comfortable, step outside myself and swallow my pride. I thought of how thankful I was that we could afford a vehicle to fit all six of us. The fact that I am thankful for the ability to drive. The most important thing God revealed to me is my children. What example was I setting by saying “I can’t” and throwing a fit behind the wheel at every attempt. Would I want my children to model this behavior? Of course not. I humbled myself and I joyfully learned. I now know how to drive our  manual van.

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